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Endorsements - Join the list of Yes for Kids supporters!

Passing the levy is crucial to the education and well being of our students and community! — Melissa Alfstad

Kids need these services during and after the pandemic now more than ever! — Lauren Apfelbaum

I support our kids now for their future later. — Devony Audet

As Spokane City Council President, I see every day the importance of having an effective school district empowering our children and how it improves our economy and our City. — Breean Beggs

I support this levy with great enthusiasm and look forward to strengthening the resources our schools and families will need in this difficult time — Sheila Collins

I support education and the vision of SPS — Cathy Comfort

We believe in quality, community-supported schools for every single kid in Spokane. — Kristin & Jeremy Day

Spokane Public Schools offer students a world class education! Keep our community strong by continuing to support excellence in education. — Cynthia Eaton

I will vote YES for the replacement Levy for Spokane Public Schools! — Stacy Endress

Voting yes on the school levy ensures that we have strong public schools. It is an important investment in our future. Strong schools create strong communities. — Joanne Ferris

I am so proud to work and serve such a supportive community for schools! Spokane puts our students and families first! Thank you Spokane! — Steve Fisk

Our children have had a very positive experience in SPS Schools. When they return to in-person school, we want them to be able to experience their arts and sports activities. We are so thankful for all their teachers have done to teach and stay connected during this time. We support the levy replacement! Vote YES for Kids! — Jim & Wendy Fitzgerald

I support young people’s education and the Levy! — Greg Forsyth

Voting yes on this levy is voting yes for kids. Our kids have been through so much this year but things are starting to get back to normal. Let’s make sure when kids return to in person learning that they have all the support, services and opportunities that they need and deserve. SPS has done a wonderful job of trying to make sure all kids have had what they needed while they are learning remotely with their teachers. Let’s show our kids we care by voting YES!!! — Lisa Foster

I endorse the Levy that supports my child's teachers, staff, and ultimately our community. My household is voting yes! — Miguel Gonzales

The Spokane Firefighters Union Local 29 unanimously voted to endorse the 2021 Levy at their meeting last week. — John Goodman

This is absolutely essential for our kids. So many important programs depend on this levy. Our kids deserve the best. The programs support so many in our community that deserve our support. — Heidi Harding

I am proud to endorse Spokane Public Schools. — Kate Hellenthal

As the Athletic Director at Lewis and Clark HS I know how important extracurricular activities are to our students. The levy is the primary funding source for all the programs at Lewis and Clark. I whole heartily support this levy. — Dave Hughes

Help our students have the support they need to suceed both in and out of the classroom. VOTE YES ON FEB.9 — Lynn Humphreys Clark

So much of the strength of our community stems directly from a strong education system that creates informed, inquisitive, and creative citizens who take an active role in shaping our community. Quite simply, we all benefit from a strong education system. Please join me in supporting public education, Spokane Public Schools, and the youth of our community through the passage of this Levy! — Kris Jeske

Local levies provide quality education for local children. Tech support in the virtual classroom none of us expected? Funded by the levy. School nurses? Largely funded by the levy. Support educators to help kids succeed? Levy. Sports and arts and the things that light kids’ eyes up? Made possible by levy funds! We believe in preparing students to make the best future possible and our local levy helps provide us the tools to make that happen. — Michaela Jones

I support Spokane Public Schools, our students, and their families. — Lisa Kine

I fully support ‘Yes for Schools’. Our children are our leaders of the future and are deserving of the support of their community as they go through schooling. Many of the items the levies support I consider basic and fundamental, without the levies these resources will not be available. Children are our future, let’s support them on this journey. — Julia Larsen

This levy is important for the future of Spokane Public Schools and all our children and grandchildren. Keeping Spokane Public Schools healthy is essential to the social and economic well-being of our region. — Jerry LeClaire

Continue to support our future!! — Jason Lesley

I fully support Spokane Schools! — Susan Miller

Please support our kids! Please vote YES for the 2021 Spokane Public Schools Levy! — Christine Moore

Now more than ever, our kids need the support the levy will provide! — Nancy Nicholas

I love the school choice options at SPS. Students have the opportunity to try nontraditional education models, to seek extra enrichment, to learn a foreign language early on, or even to join a program built around parent involvement. — Rachel Nicholson

Support our kids, support our community! — Lara Nybo

Having lived all over the country, I can say that Spokane Public Schools stand out as exemplary. This is due in no small part to the investment voters have consistently made in public education. Let’s KEEP our public schools strong! — Justin Racht

It's important to me that my two children in Spokane Public Schools have access to a well rounded education! — Marcheta & Keta Rapp

This has been a difficult and contentious year in our country and the Spokane community. In a couple months we will have the opportunity to vote “Yes for Kids,” casting our ballots for something inspiring rather than divisive. Spokane Public Schools (along with other local districts) will ask voters to approve a replacement levy on February 9, 2021. This is not a new tax; it replaces the existing levy at a rate lower than 2018 and prior years to fund programs and essential services foundational to our education system. Growing up in Spokane and moving away for college, graduate school, and my early career, I returned to Spokane to start a family – in no small part because of our great public schools. My children have benefitted from the quality of programs in SPS elementary and middle (soon-to-be high!) schools. The quality we have come to expect in our schools would not be possible without this critical levy – smaller class sizes, athletics, arts, music, drama, advanced placement classes, special education, and elementary specialists just to name a few examples. The levy also funds crucial staff who have become even more essential during this pandemic - nurses, counselors, and technology support. During this season of thanksgiving, I am thankful to live in a community that values our children and their education. Whether or not you have children in SPS schools, great schools make our community a more desirable place to live. Please support the upcoming levy - vote Yes for Kids! — Megan Read

The lasting positive impact that public schools (particularly the arts programs) have had on our family is invaluable. Both my students earned full tuition scholarships to college, which would not have been possible without SPS. I fully support the school levy! — Marnie Rorholm

Voting “YES” for Spokane Public Schools will continue the excellent work that our educators are doing for our children’s future!!! Jenny Rose Past President of the Spokane Education Association — Jenny Rose

Spokane public schools has been a bulwark for our community - balancing the needs of the students, parents, faculty and staff, as well as the community at large - but always keeping kids at the core of what drives it. 2020, especially, has been a challenging time for everyone and SPS has been there for us. Let's continue to show up for our kids - even if you don't have children at home, Spokane's kids are "our kids" - vote yes for the levy. — Teresa Schock

Let's do this for the kids! — Brent Seedall

I support Spokane levy — Melany Sheikh

We need this levy more than ever. Our schools need to retain our counselors, nurses, and extra custodians to help our students during this pandemic and afterwards to continue to support their health and social and emotional needs. The levy also helps pay for additional tech support which is also needed desperately. — Michelle Stowell

Our Kids are our future and need to be back in school, People of today don't recognizes that. we need to pass this Levy as its important to those who work in the Spokane Public Schools as well as our students. PASS — Daniel Swartz

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" Einstein We may never know where the new knowledge will come from, Stay Ready! — Charles Thomas

Support our kids and Vote Yes for Kids by voting yes for the SPS Replacement Levy! — Stacey Ward
Jeana Abell
Jakki Adams
Stephen Alfstad
Mike Allen
Sean Allen
Vickie Allert
Spokane Alliance
Sara Ambrose
Christina Anacker
Aaron Anderson
Ambur Anderson
Ashley Anderson
Julene Anderson
Mark Anderson
Meghan Anderson
Daniel Ankcorn
Meghan Apshaga
Tiffinni Archie
NAC Architecture
Jessica Arp
Christine Ashenbrener
Sarah Ashenbrener
Spokane Education Association
Heidi Averett
Patty Baer
Erin Bail
Sarah Bain
Ashlie Ball
Sara Ball-Vadeboncoeur
Heather Barbieri
Rebeccah Bare
Christine Bargman
Steve Barnes
Matt Beal
Taylor Belote
Susan Benjamin
Amy Berube
Courtney Betts
Sarah Beyers
Heather Beznaiguia
Rep. Andy Billig
Angela Bina
Mara Bischoff
Kate Bitz
Michaelyn Bjordahl
Elizabeth Blossom
Lewis & Clark High School Boosters
Brandon Bouge
Lisa Bowen
Greg Boyer
Rob Brewster
Jacki Bronsch
Lisa Brown
Shannon Brown
Katy Bruya
Christy Budd
Karen Budge
Kate Burke
Margaret Burke
Stephanie Busch
Heather Bybee
Jacob Cain
Julie Calkins
Casey Campbell
Penny Capko
Michelle Carkeek
Patricia Case
Debby Chandler
Sheri Charbonneau
Megan Chatellier
Aleksey Chavez
Spokane City Council
Amy Clark
Caroline Clarke
Karleen Clifton
Cindy Coleman
Kale Colyar
Keith Comes
Association of General Contractors
Ivan Corley
Lisel Corneil
Tim Corwin
Camrin Costello
Ashley Coulson
Spokane Regional Labor Council
Michael Crabtree
Robin Crain
Kim Cronen
Chris & Laurie Curran
Kendra Darnell
Amelia Davis
Becky Davis
Kirstin Davis
Rob Davis
Susan Dellwo
Patti Dennie
Rob Dennie
Paul Dillon
Suzi Distad
Kevin Dix
Kevin Dix
Sarah Dix
Veronica Do
Karrie Docterman-King
Jenni Dole
Helen Donigan
Mary Douthitt
Denise Downey
Katie Droter
Betsy Duchesne
Justin East
Venessa Edwards
Keith Eggleston
Riann Ellingwood
Allison Elston
Shelby Engel
Sheri Engelken
Tricia Engelson
Adrian Espindola
Susan Eugster
Jessica Everman
Mary Everson
Kacie Fincher
IAFF Local 29 Spokane Firefighters Union
Constance Fisher
Joet Fisher
Corina Fletcher
Kimberly Forsberg
Spokane Public Schools Foundation
Sherri Fujita
Niki Gadau
Meghan Gaebe
Morgan Galle
Paul Gannon
Jack Gassen
Jack Geraghty
Sheila Geraghty
Susie Gerard
Tricia Gessele
Lori Gibson
Gary Gillespie
Nicole Gleason
Nancy Glines
Nikki Golden
Tom Golden
Sarah Goodey
Sloane Goodey
Holly Goodman
Carla Graves
Michelle Gregerson
Kelsey Griffith
Heather Gross
Roni Gross
Suzanne Gustafson
Amanda Haines
Anna Halloran
Matthew Halpin
Elizabeth Hammer
Thomasin Hammer
Denise Hanson
Dana Harbaugh
Brent Harding
Jennifer Hardt
Jodi Harmon
Gwen Harris
Katie Harsh
Darci Hastings
Adrienne Hatmaker
Jerrall Haynes
Kenny Heaton
Jim Hedemark
Kari Hedrick
Heidi Helke
Heidi Helke
Stephanie Hengstler
Stephanie Hengstler
Daniel Henry
Jaclyn Henry
Matthew Henshaw
Sarah Henshon
Lindsay Hernandez
Carolyn Herrity
Nicole Herzog
Kelly Hill
Christie & Mike Hinnen
Donavon Hodgson
Suzi Hokonson
Buz Hollingsworth
Jolen Hollingsworth
Marcus Holm
Heather Holter
Henry Holub
Henry Holub
Melinda Howard
Mindy Howard
Jameus Hutchens
Greater Spokane Inc.
Tyree Iversen
Randy & Sandy James
Golie Jansen
Sandra Jarrard
Michelle Jenner
Julie Jennings
Mary Lou Johnson
Matt Johnson
Jon Jonckers
Chelsea Jones
Deanna Jones
Eric Jones
Scott & Vicki Jones
Shawn Jordan
Krista Juul
Chris Karg
Melinda Keberle
Esther Kelley
Scott Kerwien
Erin Kestell
Tim Kestell
Hannah Kimball-Fuller
Joe King
Lane King
Lori Kinnear
Debbie Kizziar
Megan Knowles
Diana Koorkanian-Sauders
Hilary Kozel
Charlie Kramer
Sandra Krause-Ayers
Mary Kuney
Sarah Kuney
Randi Kyle
Beth LaBar
Elizabeth Lancaster
Ryan Lancaster
Carol Landa-McVicker
Andrew Lang
Priti Laselle
Rhett Lashbrook
Kristina Lattin
Heidi Lauritzen
Lynnette Lawrence
Shannon Lawson
Julie S. Lee
Terri LeFors
Adriane Leithauser
Gigi Lemmon
Shawn Lepisi
Katie Leyde
Tracey Leyde
Pam Lindsley
Aftan Lissy
Molly Litzenberger
Monica Lively
Kristen Lobdell
Nikki Lockwood
William Lockwood
Christa Logan
Joanne Lopata
Joanne Lopata
Theresa Luciani
Mark Lund
Jenny Lynch
Kerry Lynch
Holly Lytle-Goodman
Marni Macdonald
Carol Mack
Rebecca Mallo
Courtney Malone
Nikki Malone
Ashley Manfred
Jennifer Mann
Sandy Margulis
Kristin Markham
Barbara Marney
Kristy Masteller
Dennis Matthews
Elissa Mattson
Jeff McCartney
Tami McCracken
Stacy McElgunn
Dayle McElroy
Melissa McFadgen
Matthew McFarland
Tamra McGee
Heather McGuinness
Collette McIntyre
Mariah McKay
Cheryl Mclean
Megan McLean
Meredith McNally
Jill McPherson
Bob & Rita Mecham
Brian Melody
Carmen Mercer
Sarah Merriex
Arlene Merriman
Jayme Merritt
Nerissa Meyer
Christie Miller
Rochelle Miller
William Miller
Steve Mitchell
David Moershel
Heather Montgomery
Andrew Moore
Chris Moore
Todd Moorehouse
Kendra Moser
Dale Moses
Jansi Mulch
Tara Mullin
Candace Mumm
Allison Muncie
Tatriana Muravez
Gina Naccarato- Keele
Ellen Nessen
Susan Newcomb
Scott Nicks
Chelsey Nilson
Rhiannon Nilson
Samantha Nixon
Jeff Norton
Susan Norton
Jill Nowak
Craig Numata
Bennett Nye
Beth Nye
William Nye
Breanne O’Doherty
Kristin O’Grady
Debbie Oakley
Jeremy Ochse
Amber O'Connor
John ODell
Andrew Olmsted
Denise Olsen
Sandra Olsen
Grace Olson
Joleen Olson
Amber Oosting
Dan Ophardt
Brian Ormsby
Rep. Timm Ormsby
Aleta Ostlie
Lisa Pacheco
Jason & Janae Passinetti
Mark Patrick
Carol Pederson
Chelsea Pepper
Brent Perdue
Andrea Perry
David Perry
Ileia Perry
Leona Perry
Toni Peters
Joe Phipps
Ping Ping
Amy Pontarolo
Sheryl Pounds
Damon Powell
Erik Powell
Rebecca Powell
Adams Elementary PTG
Arlington Elementary PTG
Ferris High School PTG
Grant Elementary PTG
Hutton Elementary PTG
Jefferson Elementary PTG
Linwood Elementary PTG
Mullan Road Elementary PTG
Roosevelt Elementary PTG
Sacajawea Middle School PTG
Sheridan Elementary PTG
Wilson Elementary PTG
Madison Elementary PTO
Sandy Puckett-Simmerer
Kerry Racht
Elise Raimi
Maureen Ramos
Becky & Cory Ramsey
Patricia Rasmussen
Sally Ray
Tera Ray
Brad Read
Brian Read
Spokane Association of Realtors
Judy Reavis
Constantia Red
Kori Rees
Sarah Reichardt Crosby
Christie Reilly
Julia Rendall
Anthony Ressa
Ronald Reynolds
Chase Rhodes
Kailey Rice
Rep. Marcus Ricelli
Heather Richardson
Lisa Rinaldi
Brittaney Robinson
Forrest Rodgers
Carole Rolando
Sarah Rosenoff
Bob & Claire Rudolf Murphy
James Russell
Josie Sackmann
Brigitte Sam
Elliott Santos
Teresa Sauther
Robert Scarfo
Daniel Schaffer
Julie Schaffer
Elizabeth Schatz
Kiley Schatz
Ray Schatz
Jody Schmidt
Marci Schreiber
Gina Schrock
Fred Schrumpf
Ken Schutz
Lea Ann Schutz
Linda Scribner
Sally Sederstrom
Madeline Sells
Jennie Sevedge-Angel
Amy Seymour
Toni Sharkey
Nicole Sheets
Kathryn Sheffield
Telia Sherwood-Jacobs
Spring Shoupe
William Siems
Eva Silverstone
Ralph Simmerer
Latonya Simmons
Derrick Skaug
Jenny Slagle
Amy Sleeth
Samantha Slipper
Angela Smith
Debby Smith
Jaime Smith
Lisa Smith
Melanie Smith
Linda Solan
Darcelina Soloria
Denise Southwell
Jillian Sparkes
Nicole Stagg
Kathy Stice
Kris Stopperan
Hoffman Music Store
Karen Stratton
Kimberly Stretch
Rudy Stretch
Ben & Ann Stuckart
Laura Sumner
Richelle Swartz
Adam Swinyard
Sarah Switzer
Alex Telis
Kate Telis
Mike Terrell
Brooke Thacker
Sean Thacker
Sherri Thies
Diane Thomas
Rick Thomas
Anne Thompson
Karin Thompson
Luke Tolley
Building & Construction Trades Council
Bill Traeger
Jamie Traeger
Casey Traver
Laura Treece
Jan Treecraft
Kerry Trepus
Matt & Robbie Truitt
Margie Tutt
Nicole Tutt
Julie Tyus
Sue Unruh
Erica Uyehara
Barbara Vally
David Van Hersett
Debra Van Slyke
Christina VanHook
John VanSant
Jollene Vining
Sophia Votava
Alison Wais
Connie Walker
Scott Ward
Shannon Ward
Clancy Welsh
Lara Whitman
Amy Whitsett
Sara Wilde
Betsy Wilkerson
Nancy Williams
Randy Wilson
Michael Wiser
Linda Wolcott
Anna Wood
Connie Woodard
Doug Wordell
Kay Wright McGlocklin
Lori Wyborney
Kim Yahne
Terrance Yeigh
Susie Young
Tim Young
María Esther Zamora
Marissa Zellers
Aryn Ziehnert
Brian & Heather Murray
Julie Shepard

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