Levy Information

School districts in Washington State receive funding for their schools from three main sources; Federal, State and Local taxes. The state pays for the majority of a public school districts annual operations of basic classroom instruction. (As of Fall/Winter 2018, the state legislature is still working on what “basic classroom instruction” looks like).

The Federal government funds school districts for special services and programs of instruction and helps pay for some of the services that special needs students may receive. Those funds are restricted in who and how they can serve students.

Levy funds make up about 10% of the Spokane Public Schools budget. The levy is a local tax that provides additional activities, programs and supports that Spokane citizens expect in a well-rounded public education. The levy provides dollars for extra counselors, nurses, security staff, and help to fund more teacher specialists to provide supports for struggling students.

Due to an increase in state funding, the 3-year local levy being asked of voters will be significantly less than previous years. The amount the school district is asking for will be $1.50 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Though the state has increased it’s funding of public education- local levies still provide significantly to the overall services delivered to our students.

For additional information on this ballot measure we encourage you to review information provided by Spokane Public Schools, and reviewed carefully by our Citizen Committee for Spokane Schools.  www.spokaneschools.org/levy-information